Why Record?

We have a long and respected heritage of natural history and wildlife recording which has long fascinated experts and amateurs alike, due to

Species recording at a wildlife event

the Island’s unique and rich biodiversity.

Whatever your experience and no matter how common or widespread the species; we need your help telling us about what you see.

It’s not just about the weird and wonderful either, it’s also really important to have regular records which can tell us a great deal about how everyday species are getting on.

There are many pressures on our species and habitats and never before has wildlife recording been so important – your records can help build a picture on how species are faring and help protect your local environment.

  •  If a species really is rare or threatened – it is helpful to have a good idea of where they are and aren’t,
    and how their population or range is changing over time
  •  Today’s common species may be tomorrow’s rare species; we won’t know it’s happening and won’t be able to help if we don’t know where they are
  • Monitoring species can also help us detect other kinds of change, such as change in the climate. For example, butterflies associated with warmer regions may arrive here and become established
  • Above all, recording gives you the perfect excuse to get out there and explore, study and enjoy nature where you live, work or visit!