A magnificent Catalpa at Shide

It’s well worth taking a trip to Shide at the moment to take a look at a superb specimen of the “Indian Bean Tree” Catalpa bignoniodes.

This specimen is planted by the side of the main road, and can be accessed by parking at  Shide  Trees and walking back along the road about 500 yards.


Flowers of Catalpa bignoniodes showing purple spots on the corolla.(photo:Dave Trevan)

This fine specimen is one of the largest I have seen on the island.Catalpa is regarded as one of the most beautiful of flowering trees.


Catalpa bignoniodes at Shide, showing habit

(photo:Dave Trevan)


Flower panicles(photo:Hazel Trevan)


Catalpa showing flowers and large leaves

(photo:Dave Trevan)

Catalpa bignoniodes is a native to the eastern United States, and grows up to 50ft high.It’s main features are the large heart shaped leaves and beautiful flowers which are white with yellow and purple spots. It’s fruits are long and slender (the beans) and are produced after long hot summers

It was introduced to cultivation in 1726.

It flowers from the end of July-August and our guess is that it will be looking good for another week or so.We went to see this tree last week after the rain on Tuesday. It was very windy on our visit with variable light conditions so the images are not our best.

Dave and Hazel Trevan

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