Bird Walk at Windy Corner, Niton 16th October 2022

4 members met at the small National Trust car park at the end of the Old Blackgang Road at Windy Corner. It was a beautiful, clear morning with fabulous views. Whilst in the car park we saw 4 Ravens, a Peregrine, two Buzzards, a Jay, and two Magpies. We then walked in the fields down to the stile at St Catherine’s Road, up Sandrock Road, along Old Blackgang Road before once more walking along the fields. Unfortunately, there was not much bird life around although we did hear and see Chiffchaffs. Other than that, there were Jackdaw, Robin, Blackbird, Wood Pigeon. Crow, Blue Tit and Great Tit and a Kestrel hung in the wind. The stunning views made up for the lack of birds. Jackie Hart

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