Forthcoming Geogy Meetings 2017

Here are the dates and details of Geology Meetings for 2017


         1.   On 11th March a general indoor meeting was addressed by Trevor Price, the Community The Learning Officer at Dinosaur Isle, who introduced his Clay Project. This is a continuation of  research begun in 2006, collecting a variety of local clays and using primitive kilns to produce pottery similar to that used in the Neolithic. Details of that work, in a booklet ‘Using Geological Materials to Make Pottery- Practical Scientific Experimentation’ (2016) are available to schools and colleges from Dinosaur Isle.                 The aim now is to collect a wider variety of Island clays and to try more advanced types of kilns.

          2.     The next Geology Field Trip is on Sunday 2nd April 2017,  10 am. at Dinosaur Isle, Sandown (SZ606847).                    Steve Hutt will be examining Cretaceous rocks, coastal defences and Ammonites.

           3.    On Saturday 17th June at 10 am at Fort Victoria (SZ338899) Steve Hutt will lead a meeting looking at Geology, and some Archaeology too.

               4.     On Saturday 9th September at 10.30 am. the Geology Section will be meeting at the Education Room in Dinosaur Isle to identify finds made by members during the year.


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