List of bat species recorded on the Isle of Wight

On the Island we have recorded the following bat species:

Greater Horseshoe Bat

Very rare; almost extinct

Daubenton’s Bat

Locally frequent; hunts over water. The millpond behind the Eight Bells public house at Carisbrooke is a good place to find them, after dark.

Whiskered Bat

Locally frequent

Brandt’s Bat

Difficult to distinguish from Whiskered Bat, and believed to be rare

Natterer’s Bat

Locally frequent

Bechstein’s Bat

A rare woodland bat but probably widespread in woods on the Island.

Common Pipistrelle bat

Our commonest bat; frequently found in modern houses.

Soprano Pipistrelle Bat

Frequent, but less common than the Common Pipistrelle

Serotine Bat

One of our more frequent house-roosting bats

Noctule Bat

Widespread but believed to be in decline. A large tree bat.

Leisler’s Bat

Not confirmed but recent evidence suggests it may have been overlooked.

Barbastelle Bat

This rare bat is now thought to be not infrequent in woods on the Island

Brown Long-eared Bat

One of our commonest bats, often roosting in large buildings.

Grey Long-eared Bat

Considered to be the rarest native British bat. The island appears to be one of its few strongholds.

Nathusius’s Pipistrelle Bat

A few records. Generally considered to be a rare migrant but may be resident here.

Kuhl’s Pipistrelle

We have one record of this extremely rare vagrant species.

Parti-coloured Bat

We have two records of this extremely rare vagrant species.