Fungi Group Meetings held in 2017

Sunday 27th August Sainham Copse, Godshill

Another impromptu foray, taking advantage of the excellent early growing conditions for fungi. Once again we found a good selection of fungi. Highlights included finding the bolete, Xerocomus parasiticus which grows parasitically, attached to earthballs, Scleroderma. Particularly exciting was a find made by George whilst photographing a small fungus. He noticed a group of cup fungi growing from the decaying husk of a sweet chestnut fruit. This was Lanzia (Rustroemia) echinophila, an infrequently found fungus which is specific to sweet chestnut. This was the first occurrence of it recorded from the Island! Altogether, we recorded 44 different species.

 The cup fungus, Lanzia echinophila, new to the Island.

The following species were recorded: Copy of Sainham Wood Fungi 27.8.17 (002)

Saturday 12th August Firestone Copse

The warm wet weather throughout July and into August has provided ideal conditions for fungi and so Colin, Jillie, Jackie, Dave, Selena & Natalie took part in an impromptu early foray in August. We were delighted to find lots of fruiting fungi, especially Russulas and Boletes, and we recorded 36 different fungi during the morning. Some of these were early fruiting fungi which we do not often see. There had been very few previous records of the large Zoned Milkcap, Lactarius zonarius  (left below) and the little Marasmius growing on oak leaves, Marasmius quercophilus (right below).

As we explored the carpark, we found the cupfungus Toad’s Ear, Otidea bufonia, not previously recorded from the Island (below). 

The following species were recorded: Firestone Copse Fungi 12 Aug 2017