The Insects Group

Bloody nose beetle, Fort Albert (MC)

Bloody nose beetle, Fort Albert (MC)

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The Group

The Entomological Section offers a range of meetings each year, from the late spring to the autumn. We are always pleased to welcome new members. You do not need expertise to join our meetings, just a good pair of eyes, and an enquiring mind.

There is an incredible number of insect species, and it is not always possible to identify them in the field, the differences between some species being all but invisible to the naked eye. More popular groups such as dragonflies, butterflies, and moths have fewer species to choose from, and quicker identification is possible.

For more detail visit Insects of the Island.

Field Meetings

Some of our recent meetings –


Each year we aim to organise five or six meetings, to which all members of the Society are invited. These may include day-time walks looking for a particular butterfly species, visits to marshland for dragonflies, searching for the Great Green Bush-Cricket, and moth- trapping in the evening at a range of locations across the Isle of Wight.

Members are encouraged to take part in National Moth Night, which occurs on a different Saturday each year, and send their records in to our recorder to add to the national picture. Galls and leaf-miners are usually covered by the meetings held by the Botanical Section.

We also try to ensure that we are able to offer advice at those General Meetings which look at a particular habitat on the island, and the range of species to be found there.