Looking at the Countryside Northwood Park 14 January 2017

25 Members met at the entrance to St Mary’s Church, Cowes on a cold but sunny morning.  David Biggs told them briefly about the history of the church, one of the very few erected during the Commonwealth (1657) and with no mediaeval antecedents; and of the church tower erected 1821 by Nash as a memorial to the Ward family by George Ward.

.  A short introduction to the history of Northwood and Cowes was given as well as an introduction to Shamblord, the predecessor of Cowes.

The trees  of the churchyard were next in line for examination and discussion. Members then entered Northwood Park and were told of the history of the house and the Ward family.  They were then led around a perimeter walk of the park, looking at and discussing amongst other trees 6 species of oak and 3 species of cedar including some magnificent Cedars of Lebanon  and an enormous Mirbeck’s Oak (acorns for which possibly came from Louis Philippe) and Turkey Oak.  After having the Judas Tree, Ice House and War Memorial pointed out the meeting concluded at 12.00 Noon.

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