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An interesting Mayfly larva from Lukely

A mayfly larva has been found by Keith Marston at Plaish in the Lukely Brook on 7th May 2006. There have been no previous records of mayfly larvae of this genus from the Lukely Brook. It is not possible to speciate the animal from the photo, but it is likely to be either Ephemera dani
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Hard Shield Fern refound after 133 years

2006: Hard Shield Fern (Polystichum aculeatum) has been discovered growing in an apparently natural situation in Brighstone Forest, by Paul Stanley. The only confirmed record for this species as a native until now has been that of Fred Stratton and F.J.Hanbury from a hedgebank opposit
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By-The-Wind-Sailor (Velella velella) strandings 2006

Fierce storms in 2006 brought plenty of visitors to the Isle of Wight at the end of November and during the first week of December. However, these will not feature within Tourist Board statistics! These were oceanic visitors cast ashore along much of the south coast of England. An ext
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Ornithology Group meeting reports from 2014

The 2014 ornithology reports are now online. View the 2014 reports here.
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Looking at the Countryside Group 2014 meeting reports

The full 2014 meeting reports are now available, and you can see the reports here.
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Bird Watching in the Isle of Wight

A “Bird Watching in the Isle of Wight” yearly diary has been added to the Birds group page, kindly provided by Jackie Hart. Click here to read.
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