iWatch Wildlife


iWatch Wildlife is hosted by the Isle of Wight Natural History & Archaeological Society and is all about helping people explore, enjoy, study and record the fantastic array of species here on the Isle of Wight.

Species recording is really important as it can help us understand what lives where and how nature is changing. It is also a great way of discovering more about the wildlife where you live, work or visit.

This year project is now in its 6th year and funded by the IW AONB and the IW Local Records Centre. It was initially funded as part of ‘Down to the Coast’ – a Heritage Lottery landscape partnership scheme when it launched in 2016.

iWatch Wildlife will celebrate and raise awareness of the work of The Society and its dedicated volunteers. It aims to help towards The Society’s purposes to promote the study of natural history especially in relation to the Island and to promote, in every possible way, the conservation of its flora and fauna. We hope to support and provide training opportunities and engage with new audiences to encourage greater participation in Citizen Science.

Each month we feature a different species and ask for your observations via our Facebook page, highlighting species such Brown Hare, Stag Beetles, House Martin nest sites, Hedgehog and Glow worms. All have generated new records, boosting our current knowledge and making a valuable contribution to species recording on the Island.

If you would like to find out more about the project, ways to get involved in species recording and keep up to date with events, please do follow us on Facebook @iWatchWildlife or #iWatchWildlife on Instagram. Alternativelyplease contact us at [email protected].