Get Involved

There are many opportunities to get involved with species recording both locally, here on the Island and nationally in wider campaigns.

Species of the Month (iWatchWildlife)
We select a species most months that we’d like to know more about and boost our current, local records. We ask users on Facebook to share their observations. We then capture those observations and convert them into permanent species records.

We will be producing some downloadable factsheets about each of our Species of the Month which will be available soon:

March – Brown Hare  /  April –  Adder  /  May – bloody-nosed Beetle  /  June – Stag Beetle  /  July – Golden-ringed Dragonfly  /  August – Hawkmoth Caterpillars  /  September – Wasp Spider

2020 Species of the MonthsiWatch Wildlife Species of the Month 2020 From left to right: Brown Hare by Daphne Watson, Adder by Mike Cotterill, Bloody-nosed Beetle by Tina Whitmore, Male & Female Stag Beetles by Ross Bower (PTES), Golden-ringed Dragonfly by Andy Butler, Hawkmoth Caterpillars by Selena Bone, Wasp Spider by Tina Whitmore.

A general species recording form is available to log you observations throughout the year here.


If you enjoy using Social Media, then Facebook is a good place to start. There are a number of local general wildlife groups which are a fantastic resource for getting to know local species and what’s about when. They can help put you in touch with experts if you need help with identification (though pictures are essential).


There are also a number of more specialised groups dedicated to specific species such as:

@IOW DragonfliesandDamselflies

Here are links to other surveys that you may wish to get involved with:

Red Squirrel sightings (Wight Squirrels)

Bird Recording (British Trust for Ornithology) – there are many bird surveys including Wetland, Farmland and Garden birds run by the BTO that need your help. For further info, contact our BTO IW Representative Jim Baldwin on

*2019 House Sparrow Census  House Sparrows are in decline across the United Kingdom with numbers falling by 71% between 1977 and 2008. Take part in the Sparrow Census 2019 and help gather valuable data to build a bigger , better , clearer picture of what is happening.

*Hants & IW Amphibian Survey – Hampshire Amphibian and Reptile Recording Network (HARRN) is producing a new atlas mapping out species across our two counties, and would really appreciate your records.

The Great Egg Case Hunt – You can become a citizen scientist by helping find and record shark eggcases.

* if submitting your observations to a regional or national survey, please make sure you also send your records to our local recorders to ensure your records are also captured locally in the Isle of Wight Species Database.