2020 list of Isle of Wight local recorders

Helen Butler 

Red Squirrels
Helen has been working with Red Squirrels since 1991 and runs Wight Squirrel Project which focuses on monitoring, research, caring for sick, injured and baby squirrels. Helen is also chair for the IW Red Squirrel Trust which concentrates on educational and practical conservation tasks.
PO Box 33, Ryde, IW, PO33 1BN
tel : 611003
e: [email protected]

Wight Squirrels sightings online recording page
Colin Pope
Bats, Flowering plants and Ferns
Colin is the BSBI Isle of Wight recorder for vascular plants and he also covers lichens and fungi.
tel : 611591
e: [email protected]
Robin Attrill
Robin has been an Isle of Wight birder since 1972 as has returned to the recorder role after a short break! He is also interested in many other aspects of Island natural and local history.
17 Waterhouse Moor, Harlow, Essex, CM18 6BA
tel: 07487 577 103e: [email protected]
Richard Grogan

Mammals (except Marine mammals), Reptiles & Amphibians
Richard is a chartered ecologist who has spent over 30 years working to increase our knowledge about the mammals of the Isle of Wight to aid their conservation, both by commissioning studies and working with landowners and like-minded organisations.
tel : 721252      e: [email protected]
Andy Butler
Andy has a lifelong passion for wildlife and butterflies are a particular interest of his. He has carried out many surveys including monitoring the populations of Glanville Fritillaries around the coast. His small coastal garden is a magnet for a surprisingly large number of butterflies.
tel : 854925    e: [email protected]
Iain Outlaw

Bugs (Hemiptera/Homoptera)
Iain took on the role as our Bugs Recorder in 2019.


e: [email protected]
 Jim Baldwin

Dragonflies & Damselflies (Odonata) and

Jim joined the team in 2017 and hopes to encourage more people to report their records and to help with identification queries. Jim is also the IW BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) Regional Representative and participates in butterfly and red squirrel surveys, and became Moth Recorder in April 2020.
21 Hillcrest Road, Rookley, IW, PO38 3PB
tel: 721137    e:wightdrago[email protected]
e:[email protected]
Adam Wright
Bees, Wasps & Ants (Hymenoptera), Flies (Diptera), Grasshoppers and Crickets (Orthoptera)
Adam is a consultant entomologist with particular interests in bees, wasps and flies.
tel : 856319
e: aswrighte[email protected]
David Biggs
Gall-causing organisms
David specialises in a variety of groups but in particular, plant galls and the various causative organisms – micro-moths, bugs, micro-fungi as well as Hemiptera (half-wings)
Plum Tree Cottage, Albert Road, Gurnard, IW, PO31 8JU
tel : 292595
Roger Herbert

Freshwater & Marine groups, Marine mammals
Roger is a marine biologist at Bournemouth University and has interests in seaweeds, invertebrates and fish. He has also worked on freshwater invertebrates, particularly mayflies, stoneflies and caddis flies.
tel : 521040
e: [email protected]
David Biggs & Colin Pope Fungi As above
 No recorder at present        Lichens
No recorder at present Mosses and Liverworts (Bryophytes)
No recorder at present Beetles (Coleoptera)
General enquiries to IW Local Records Centre Seaclose Offices, Fairlee Road, Newport, IW
tel: 821000    e: [email protected]
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