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The Society has a range of books and other documents for members to borrow or study on site. At present it can only be visited when the office is open. A database of current stock can be downloaded by IWNHAS members. Further information on the library can be obtained by e-mail on [email protected]

To view the library database click on the links below to download a PDF file.

Library by subjects

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The Proceedings of the following local societies are available for loan:

  • Dorset Natural History & Archaeology Society
  • Glasgow Natural History Society
  • Hants Field Club and Archaeology Society
  • Wiltshire Archaeology & Natural History Society
  • Societe Jersaise


Also in the library are a set of Handbooks for the identification of British Insects on long term loan from Carisbrooke High School.

Copies of Papers from Society Proceedings can be supplied at a cost of £5.00 per Paper. To view the indices of the Proceedings click on the links below to download a PDF file.

List of papers by author

List of papers by subject