Summer Recorders Event

Sunday 2nd July saw the gathering of folks from across the Island with an interest in species recording and identification for an afternoon of fieldwork and workshop sessions to explore and examine the diverse and surprising flora and fauna of The Bay at the first IWNHAS Summer Recorders Event.

With Dinosaur Isle as our base, we set off on three different fieldwork sessions to collect grasses, sedges & rushes with Colin Pope, Insects with Ian Boyd and check the overnight moth trap with Iain Outlaw.

We explored and collected in and around the diverse habitats of Churchill’s Wood (wet woodland) and scrub and reedbed area beyond, both bordering Brown’s Golf Course and recently made accessible by habitat management work carried out by Arc Consulting.

We then returned back to base with our finds to work on identification with the help of field guides, books, microscopes and experts.

Many thanks to Dinosaur Isle, to everybody attending and to all the session leaders and volunteers that helped make the afternoon a success! We hope to run the event again next summer.

This event was hosted by the IWNHAS and iWatchWildlife forming part of the Discovery Bay and Shaping The Bay programme of events helping people explore, enjoy and study the Natural History of The Bay area.

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