Western Yar walk, Wednesday 12th August.

Five  members met for the walk along the Yar estuary, on a warm sunny day.   I stopped on the swing bridge to point out the cream house across the estuary, once the home of the manager of the Gas Works, now a lovely house owned by Helen Danby & her husband.  (more…)

An interesting Mayfly larva from Lukely

Either Ephemera danica or E. lineata © KM

Either Ephemera danica or E. lineata © KM

A mayfly larva has been found by Keith Marston at Plaish in the Lukely Brook on 7th May 2006.

There have been no previous records of mayfly larvae of this genus from the Lukely Brook. It is not possible to speciate the animal from the photo, but it is likely to be either Ephemera danica or Ephemera lineata.
Mayfly of this genus have been recorded from the Eastern Yar near Newchurch (Herbert to KM, pers. comm).

NB There is another species of mayfly larva on the photo Ephemerella ignita