Wednesday October 21st

Meeting at Knighton.

If it is raining we will still meet at the site to mark out the grid.

9.30 start if you can.

Directions:  Click on Read More

The NGR is SZ 569 866

Turn south off the Downs Road in the dip between Mersley Down and the start of the slope up to Ashey Down. Descend Knighton Shute. At bottom of shute look for small turning to the left. Ignore the first small turning and pass the railings.
 Entrance to Waterworks is semi-concealed on the left, just after you pass the bus-stop on your right.
 Drive down into the yard, pass large industrial workshop on left and then veer left, away from houses, to enter stony track to east. Driving up track, ignore wide grass verge and then you will see a wide rear entrance to a small brick water hydrant building on left. This entrance is seldom used and is the best place to park.
 After parking continue up track. The field is to your right and the metal entrance gate is on the right at the top of the slope.
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