A Sunday with the Bradford Botany Group!

18 members of the Bradford Botany Group, on a long weekend visit to the IOW,spent 21st June botanising in St. Lawrence with Dave and Hazel Trevan.Their route took them through Charles Wood to Binnel Bay, along the coast to Woody Bay,the “Cocks Eggs Site(  a private garden), up to Pelham Woods,and then a steep walk along the base of the cliffs to the Field Cowheat site, where they had lunch.The walk then proceeded across the  Shute to the top cliff and High Hat, before descending back into the village.

They succeeded in climbing every rocky outcrop, including the Sugar Loaf to record and see the views!

Andrew Kafel.Chairman of the group,on a rock outcrop

Andrew Kafel.Chairman of the group,on a rock outcrop Photo:Hazel Trevan

Group members botanising

Group members botanising Photo:Hazel Trevan

In over six hours of botanising a total over 230 species were recorded, including some rarities such as
Thesium humifusum “Bastard Toadflax”. Melampyrum arvense “Field Cowheat” Arum italicum ssp. neglectum “Italian Lords and Ladies” Orobanche hederae “Ivy Broomrape”and Salpichroa origanifolia “Cock’s Eggs”

"Bastard Toadlflax" on the chalky cliff edge above St.Lawrence.

“Bastard Toadlflax” on the chalky cliff edge above St.Lawrence.Photo:Dave Trevan

On the cliffs above St.Lawrence

Ophrys apifera on the cliff top.Photo:Dave Trevan