Isle of Wight Moth Report 2016

The Isle of Wight Moth Report 2016 is now available to download here.

Iain Outlaw writes in the introduction to the report: ” Although the first two weeks of January were mild the following months were dominated by wet and unsettled weather causing a negative impact on Lepidoptera. With a few exceptions most recorders found overall numbers reduced and there a significant drop species, although there were a few interesting moths reported even during this period. It wasn’t until May that the situation started to improve and a typical range of species was recorded. Decent summer weather was accompanied by record numbers for a couple of our migrant moths and a good selection of rarer visitors continued into the autumn. By the end of the season there were in excess of 15000 records of 871 moth species including 9 new VC records, 167 new hectad records and 854 new tetrad records. A total of 44 recorders sent in data from 162 sites. “

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