New Hemiptera records, August 2018

Some new observations of True Bugs (Hemiptera) by lain Outlaw.


Black Locust Gall Midge

Black Locust Gall Midge (Obolodiplosis robiniae) on the Isle of Wight and some interesting parasitoids

Iain Outlaw

Although I was aware of this gall midge I hadn’t previously looked for it. In June I noticed several False-acacia or Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) trees in flower on Shanklin Big Mead so I had a look for the galls. The large trees were not easy to examine but fortunately there were also lots of self-seeded saplings close by. Checking those saplings the galls were immediately obvious so several were collected for examination. (more…)


Luke Ellison sent us a very comprehensive report of several different species of Ladybirds he had seen and photographed on the Island’s coast. This was in response to our poster which requests sightings. Our Beetle Recorder, Bill Shepard, has a ‘Beetle Drive’ going at the moment. These particular ones included ‘Harlequin Ladybirds’ which we are interested in as an increasing species here.